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yonex 3 borders international 2022

The third edition

You can download the poster of this edition to present it in your club.

We thank the partners of this 2022 edition.

  • Région Grand Est
  • Communauté Europénne d’Alsace
  • Ville de Saint-Louis
  • Saint-Louis Agglomeration
  • Commune de Hésingue
  • Commune de Village-Neuf
  • Crédit Mutuel
  • Tennis Pro Saint-Louis et Mulhouse
  • Comité Départemental de Badminton 68
  • Ligue Grand Est de Badminton

The invitation to the Yonex 3 Borders

PDF to be distributed to all clubs

This document presents all the details of the International Tournament of the 3 Frontiers with the particularities of the edition. This presentation is available in :

  • english

The COVID-19 Protocol (in date to Febraury, 13th, 2022)

The Covid-19 protocol for the event will be released shortly after the deadline and will take into consideration the local regulations. For more information about the situation in France, please visit: 

– Restrictions & requirements in France :

– Conditions to enter in France:

We need your information for booking

We will ask you to fill in the online questionnaire (google forms) to have all the information about your delegation and to know all your needs to allow you to live a great 2022 edition of the Yonex 3 Borders.

ATTENTION : We absolutely need your information by 2 May 2022

To make a accreditation for the coach and the family

All Coaches, Officials and Parents taking part at the Yonex 3 Borders International will have to fill in individually the accreditation form online.

This will enable us to print an ID card which enables access to the site (security check) as well as being the payment card for the onsite catering service (see chapter below).

Players do not need to apply for an accreditation card, they will get it automatically.

Court reservation

We offer the possibility to reserve one court for 1 hour to play in the Sportenum hall :
Thursday, May 12th, 2022 – as of 3:00 p.m


 Find all the court reservation on this link (version May 10th 2022) : PDF


A smartphone application will be made available to all participants on the Yonex 3 Borders. You will have all the information about the competition and the organisation in order to ensure a quality service to all participants.

This tool will be used to ensure the traceability of the people who will have been present on the Tournament, spectators, officials, players, coaches, volunteers…

To have all the information about the Yonex 3 Borders 2022 on your phone.

You need to install it on your phone to be able to benefit from all the services of this app.